Brand distinction
and consistency.

Your brand is your first impression and visual interface to the world.
It's your chance to become distinct from competitors and other choices.
Brand is something we have always been passionate about at MDM.

Meet MDM's Creative Director, Ryan Krukowski.

Born in New Brunswick, NJ, Ryan Krukowski is an acclaimed New York City based photographer and visual artist, who has earned both critical and commercial recognition for his powerful wide-angle imagery. In early 2006 while photographing burning couches in the streets of Morgantown, West Virgina, his addiction to capture time and space was put in motion.

Constantly on the move, riding the wave of everyday life, he finds peace through simple observation. Today you can find him roaming urban landscapes, mountain biking, and creating adventures for his little nephew Brandon. Encouraging all kids to explore art, imagination, and humanity.

Emily Kill art portrait

MDM's Lead Digital Artist, Emily Kil.

Digital graphic designer of 10 years, Emily is truly an artist. She's done work for Microsoft, SONY and Yahoo to name a few. While talented Emily's also practicle and pragmatic. Doing website designs for this long, Emily know how to come up with great designs out of her imagination and translate them into the digital medium. See Emily's full profolio at her Facebook page: We Heart Websites